Portrait Photography Frequent Questions

Question 1

What to wear ?  I can give you advice as to what to wear for a casual or formal portrait.  Clothing can enhance the portrait and so we can talk about what is right for those who are attending.  If you having a make-over then we can suggest what clothing may be suitable for you.

Question 2

Will you see images the day they are taken ?  Yes, on most occasions you will be shown the digital images that day, unless there is a problem where there are young children who often get bored after the photography.  We can arrange another date and time when the clients can come & see the images without children.

Question 3

How can I pay ? Payment can be made by cash or with credit or debit cards.  We can also take cheques but they must be accompanied by a current cheque card.

Question 4

How long is a portrait session ?  That depends on what you are looking for, on how many people come to the studio, and on how many sets of groups that you may wish to try.  It is best to leave an hour for your portrait session, but if there are more people attending for a larger group it make take longer.