Portrait Photography Information

Portraiture is a specialty of Brian Brown, and it is mainly in this field that he has won numerous awards.

Portrait sittings at the studio are £25, and on location they are £50.

This is a set fee and is not per person, normally portrait sittings involve a number of people.

If you wish, you will be given advice on what to consider wearing and what to avoid, as this will enhance the portraits.

Directions to the studio are on the "contact me" page of the site and you can print off the directions depending on which direction you are coming from.

To confirm your booking, a deposit of £25 which is the sitting fee, is taken from your credit card, to ensure that time is reserved for you.

After the portrait sitting, provided there is no disruption from children, you will be able to view the portraits. If you wish to purchase any, you may do so. We take payment at the time of order. Payments can be made by cheque and bankcard or credit card. Portraits can be in colour, black and white or toned prints.

Gift vouchers are also available for portraits and make overs.