Wedding Photography Frequent Questions

Question 1

Preparation for that special day - it is important to understand what you want to be captured on that special day.  We will talk you through your ideas and how we can get the best images for you in the shortest time so you can speak and talk to other guests.

Question 2

Time seems to pass by on a wedding day very quickly !!  You will never see and speak to everyone because time passes by so quickly.  We will talk to you about time and how it takes for a number of people to move from a set location to another location.  Your guests dont like to be moved about too much, as they want to enjoy the day but you may wish them all or part to be photographed. 

Question 3

It is important to explain what style of photography you like as we often do relaxed images, formal images and casual shots.  A lot of people ask for shots taken as it happens & I will talk how to get the best out of 'casual' pictures at a wedding.